Competition Terms and Conditions

Lockdown Lotto

Coffee Tipsy Beauty Lockdown Lotto allows you to choose available numbers. It is £2 per number and payment will be requested via paypal, bank transfer or cash (whichever is most convenient for the customer) once enough numbers have been claimed and before the winner is announced. The competition can run for as long as Coffee Tipsy Beauty sees fit. The winner will be chosen via Google’s random number generator. The first number drawn will win first prize, the second number drawn will win second prize. The winner will be contacted by direct message on social media (either instagram or facebook). Then the winner will be tagged in a post. The prize must then be claimed within a reasonable amount of time, this can be agreed between the winner and Coffee Tipsy Beauty once the winner has been announced. The prizes cannot be exchanged for cash value, however the winner can choose a different treatment for the same amount if they so wish. 

Coffee Tipsy Beauty reserves the right to withhold any prize with reason, even after it has been paid for. If the prizes aren’t claimed within a reasonable time frame (48 hours from when the winner is contacted) a new winner will be chosen.

When the winner books their treatment, a time slot must be chosen that suits the winner and Coffee Tipsy Beauty, if there is a last minute cancellation of the agreed time slot, this treatment will be transferrable only once. After that you will have lost your prize and won’t be able to have your treatment. This is to protect the business from time and money lost. The winner is responsible for showing up for their treatment on time.

Extra prize for those not local to Bridgwater, who aren’t able to have a physical treatment; your numbers will be entered into a seperate prize draw with other, non-local entrants. The winning number for this draw will also be chosen using Google’s random number generator.

The hand care gifts will be sent via post once the winners have been contacted and an address has been provided. Once ordered Coffee Tipsy is not responsible for the gift reaching you safely and is not responsible for any losses or damages. 

Good Luck!