About Me

Coffee Tipsy Beauty and Massage is…

…all about guilt free self care.

But, what does guilt free mean exactly Well, when I say guilt free, I mean a couple of things.

Firstly, I only ever use cruelty free products. (Therefore I can assure you that no bunnies, dogs or unicorns were tested on.) So when you book in for a manicure you will be beautifully pampered with carefully sourced products and trusted brands such as The Gel Bottle and Madam Glam. Likewise, when you want that amazing hair free leg feeling, you get to experience Sienna X wax, high quality and premium waxing products, suitable for the most sensitive of skin.

Secondly, the view of beauty has become somewhat distorted in today’s fast-paced world. Many of us wax because we are conforming to societies standards of beauty. At Coffee Tipsy, I believe that you should do what you want to do. Get your legs waxed because you love the feeling of soft skin on fresh cotton sheets. Choose glitter if you want shiny nails. Have a colour that’s not ‘in fashion’, if that’s what you want! Just be you! Because the truth is, you are already beautiful, Coffee Tipsy just wants to help you feel it.

Lastly, beauty shouldn’t be laborious. Ever who said “no pain, no gain” was very wrong. You shouldn’t have to lose all your spoons or empty your health bar to make yourself feel confident within your own skin. Coffee Tipsy is fully mobile and available in and around the Bath area, so you don’t even have to leave your house. On Monday’s you’ll find Coffee Tipsy in Frome Sport and Fitness Centre where you can experience a fully set up treatment room and enjoy the treatments with all the bells and whistles.

Meet the Coffee Tipsy Therapist

This is me, Melissa!

After oodles of coffee, I decided to set up Coffee Tipsy Beauty and Massage to make people feel wonderful! I offer high-quality services and only use the finest products. As a huge believer in cruelty-free beauty, I make sure that I only ever use products from a good source.

I have been a qualified beauty therapist for almost 10 years and during my time in the beauty industry, I have mastered the creation of; smart, fancy, crazy, glittery, classic–the list goes on– nails! I have gained the skills to offer the perfect wax. I even went on a quest to learn the art of holistic massage! I use a variety of skills and techniques combined and designed to fit around your needs.

A lot of the inspiration for all this came from a cosmetics company I used to work for. Through them I have found a passion for the planet and all that inhabit it, which has made me the advocate for cruelty-free products and ecological materials.

So that’s a little bit about my business and I, all you need to do now is book in. Email melissa@coffeetipsy.co.uk


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